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Holy shit, you guys. She-Ra: Princess of Power is on Hulu! Meeeeemorieeeees~ I loved it when I was a kid. I had a little She-Ra action figure who handily beat up my Hulk Hogan action figure during bathtime (despite the fact that he was, like, seven times her size). I believe that somewhere in my home, there are pictures of me in a She-Ra Halloween costume, complete with bizarre shiny plastic mask of her face. I went around proclaiming to be a princess (not because of Disney) and when one of my dad's friends was like, "Why don't you be a queen instead? You'll have more power!" I was like, um, foolish man, She-Ra is not a queen, she is a PRINCESS of Power, thank you very much.

Then during undergrad, I found a VHS of the She-Ra/He-Man movie at a yard sale. It was not unlike watching the Neverending Story as an adult (e.g., Hang on. THAT'S the Gmork that gave me nightmares? That big, raggedy piece of carpet?). Turns out the animation is kind of pathetic and stilted. Each time a character blinks, it takes a full second, which makes them all look so. Very. Stoned. Furthermore, the voice (over-) acting is desperately silly, but that seems to be a staple of '80s and '90s cartoons. (See also Sailormoon - "Ohhhh, Daaaarieennnnn~!") The voices place so much emphasis on the division between the genders and their power roles that the whole thing kind of turns into a drag show. "Okay, I'm voicing Prince Adam right now. I'd better keep him really soft and high-pitched so that I have room in my range to deepen for He-Man. Because, you know, calling upon the power of Grayskull makes his balls drop!" Same thing with Adora. "She's not She-Ra right now, which means she's weak. Weak girls... their voices sound like tiny butterflies and wind chimes! La la la! Ridiculously high!"

No matter how lousy the productions values, though, I still can't keep myself from loving She-Ra. Her superhero persona somehow wears MORE CLOTHING than her normal persona/secret identity self! That is fucking unprecedented.


Pepper progress

That looks to be... what, about 33% ripe? EXCITING!

Seriously, I am way too excited about this little pepper. But I've never seen one ripen before! It's interesting how the color spreads from the top down; it doesn't all ripen at once. Back before when it was still stubborn and green, I'd thought about cutting it off and letting it ripen on the counter. Glad I read up on it before I did so, because it wouldn't have worked. Peppers don't do that.




This pretty pepper, which has been dangling on the plant for, like, a month or longer finally, finally started to ripen to red. I can't wait! My first pepper!


Oh, right! Blog! Looking back, it's been kind of a kickass year so far, with a few big exceptions. 4 months of life is a lot of jawing!Collapse )

Garden Thoughts 2.0

Uhhhh, so it snowed 5" or so yesterday. Wasn't it just 60F outside last weekend? So much for getting the planting started anytime soon. Maryland weather, MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Last night, after slogging through ankle-deep snow, I bought some seed packets to keep the hope of spring alive in my little heart. ^_^

I bought 1 packet each of
* Genovese Basil. I was wrong in my last post! I didn't have sweet basil, it was Genovese. I now remember that I chose it last year because it makes the best pesto and it allows for many cuttings during the year. See, this is why I needed to record this stuff.
* Spinach. Yum!
* Nasturtiums, Night & Day Variety. They had several types, but I chose a mix of yellow and mahogany blossoms. I'd like to try them in a hanging basket, but that might not work because 5th floor! The only available hook is really high! IMMINENT DEATH! I might get a basket hanger contraption instead, or maybe actually affix a window box to the railing.
* Green Onions. Hell yes! I don't know why I didn't think of these before, but I adore green onions. I often buy them at the market, but they sell them in bundles and I rarely use more than 1 or 2 at a time, so some get wasted. Growing them seems like a great idea.

I HAS A SAD! There were no red pepper seeds at the shop! Only golden peppers, and I have my heart set on red. I couldn't find mint, either, which I'd just decided to add to the garden (HELL YES, nightly mojitos and minted strawberries and tzatziki). I suppose I'll look online next, or maybe just wait until the farmers markets have young plants for sale. That's how I got my lemon thyme last year and it worked out pretty well.

Sometime in the next few weeks, I'll take a paper box lid from the trash at work, line it with waxed paper just in case of spillage, and then make a bunch of small pots out of newsprint and get some of them started. That's my plan, anyway.

Also, SUCCESS! I made awesome cookies last weekend. Little tiny butter cookie sandwiches with lemon curd filling, coated with confectioner's sugar. They are really addictive and good.

Um, also, FAILURE. I tried a Swiss roll with french vanilla cake wrapped around chopped strawberries and whipped cream, but it didn't turn out quite right. I used a box mix, which might have been too light and spongy to provide the necessary structure. More importantly, I didn't let the cake cool enough (a) before I rolled it up the first time, and (b) before I gently unrolled it to add the whip/berries. So it tore apart before I could even really assemble it. Impatience, why do you always best me? HOWEVER, I somehow managed to smear in the whip/berries, roll it back up really tight in waxed paper, and get it safely to the fridge. So it looks really jacked up, but it holds its shape now and tastes really good.

Planning for this spring's garden...

Last year's balcony garden was surprisingly successful. Especially the basil, which sprouted up like mad and made for many wonderful tomato sauces and pesto blends last year. So once again LJ has become my place to blather and plan.

Garden setup: 5th floor NNE-facing balcony. Gets some sun from the east during the morning, so if I push the plants right up to the railings, they should be fine. I just can't do stuff that LOVES the sun.

* Basil. Obviously. Maybe a new kind? Last year's was sweet basil, which was awesome. Maybe I'll stick with what works. Scatter seeds when night temperatures are above 60F. Thin to 6"-10" apart once the seedlings have 2-3 sets of leaves. Last year's tended to be tall and sparse, so maybe this year I'll pinch off the tips so they'll be bushier.
* Spinach. OH MAN, I hope this works. 0.5" deep, 2" apart, thin to 6" apart when seedlings are 4" tall, then fertilize until 6" tall. It seems as though it wouldn't be terribly difficult to get it to grow. I think leafy stuff likes partial shade. (Don't bother starting indoors. To keep it going, should sow every 2 weeks until daytime temperatures average 75F).
* Bell Peppers. Oh man, that would be so awesome if this worked. Ripe bell peppers are the BEST, OM NOM NOM. Start them indoors (oops; better do it soon!) . I'll need to buy a bigger pot, I think. When the soil is 70-85F, pot 'em outside (1 plant per pot, I think). Keep 'em well watered & mulch to retain moisture or they'll be bitter! Fertilize after the first peppers grow. Clip the peppers off the plant. This... probably won't work, but I REALLY want to try.
* Nasturtiums. Pretty, edible flowers with tasty leaves. I could put them in a hanging contraption of some sort, especially since there are some trailing versions. Plant after the last frost. Picking the flowers encourages it to bloom more. Note: water sparingly! Don't drown them.

* Chives. I grew them last year with some success, but I hardly ever used them. But I could try 'em again.
* Tomatoes. Many people have had patio/balcony success with tomatoes. I loathe tomatoes on their own, but fully homemade tomato sauce could be amazing. They like full sun, though, so I don't know if I could provide that.

* Garlic. Waaaah. Not going to happen. It takes, like, 8 months to get set up and I don't know if I could get it to grow at all in a little pot. It's too bad because I use garlic ALL the time.
* Lemon Thyme. Because I practically never used it last year and I should focus on growing something .
* Rosemary. I struck out last year and after reading up on it more, I think it's generally very hard to start from seed. Also, I think the roots go deep, so maybe I couldn't do it anyway in my limited space. Unless I can buy a young plant, I think rosemary isn't for me.

Think, think, think. Maybe I'll go to Target, Lowe's or Home Depot this weekend and pick out some seed packets. ^_^

PS: My hair is red now. ^_^ Fun! It makes my eye color pop and it's still got that fabulous super-conditioned smooth feeling I can never seem to replicate at home. I love gettin' my hurr did.


I made a little dude as an entry to the cute_plush community's Valentine's contest. I like him a lot! ^_^

Link for those not in the community: http://community.livejournal.com/cute_plush/349989.html

Making plushies is officially The Best.

Hourly Comic Day!

It took place on Feb 1; Dan and I both participated this year. For anyone who doesn't know, it's basically where you draw a comic for every hour you are awake that day showing what's going on in your life. Took me most of last night to scan and post them all, but I'm done. ^_^ Fun!

Stef's: http://www.tencentticker.com/msgbrd/viewtopic.php?t=1063

Dan's: http://www.tencentticker.com/msgbrd/viewtopic.php?t=1064

Good times!


Watching streaming coverage of the inauguration at work. Wiggling quietly.



(1) It is beyond cold. I had to go on 3 outdoor errands for work today and I almost imploded from brr.

(2) I have so much goddamn creative energy right now that it's making me insane. I've been knitting and drawing, but it isn't calming me down or draining my reserves at all. I NEED A NEW OUTLET. I'll make caramels tomorrow and see if that helps.

(3) I took a D&D quiz and had a fun time doing it. XD Cut for nerderyCollapse )


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