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Keeping Myself Accountable

So... hello, LJ. Long time no talkies. Since Dec of '09, I've had a lot going on, the main event of which was foot/ankle surgery for plantar fasciitis in April 2010 and the ensuing annoying recovery period. Mom took excellent care of me during the immediate post-care time, I was back to work in 2 weeks (on crutches) and bipedal again a few weeks after that. I'm doing better now, but I still have pain if I'm not careful. Le sigh. Such is life. Sadly, my hobbies took a serious hit during this period - it hurts to stand in one place too long, so I've barely cooked or baked anything fun in the past several months. For awhile, I couldn't work the sewing pedal properly, so no sewing took place either.

Happily, it wasn't all lost. I joined the local Y and turned to swimming as a new hobby, since I desperately needed exercise and my walking/running/cycling options are limited. I'm doing a decent job of sticking with it and I can tell that my heart and lungs are happy and energized by it. ^_^

To get myself back into sewing, I'm planning to take part in my first sew-along via Gertie's awesome Blog for Better Sewing. She's doing a cute, short autumn coat and I think if I have a community of other people doing it, I'll be more likely to (a) stick with it, (b) get it done on time (nothing like finishing up a sleeveless summer dress just as summer is ending!), and (c) get it done right, thanks to her tips and community muslin reviews and the like.


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