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I just got back from having a cavity drilled at my dentist. Because I hate needles, I customarily request that they drill without Novocaine. Does choosing 10 minutes of drilling over 15 seconds of jabbing make any sense? Probably not. But whatever. It's interesting to see your own reaction to pain - what it feels like, how much you can take, how still you can remain, etc. ... and now I've just PROVEN that I'm a weirdo.

I let them numb me today because I want to get over my needle fear. I forgot how freakin' weird it feels! It didn't help that I accidentally licked the topical anesthetic they put on my cheek before the jabbing (I maintain this is not my fault because it tasted like a pina colada), so my tongue feels sort of tingly and beehive-shaped. My teeth and gums are numb, which is fine, but so is my entire left cheek. I look like I have Bell's palsy.

Next time, I might go back to my no-numbing plan. This disembodied face feeling is too much! Better yet, I won't let there be a next time. Self, you'd better floss. Yes, I know it's gross and a pain and takes forever. DO IT. RAAARHHH!


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Sep. 1st, 2009 12:54 pm (UTC)
I was actually encouraged by my childhood dentist to try it without novocain the first time I had a pretty minor cavity. He said "well, your parents don't usually get it, and you can always change your mind." I didn't even feel like I needed it until the very end, and raised my hand, and he said, "I'll give it to you if you want, but I'm really about 10 seconds from being done." And so I bore it 10 seconds and escaped an afternoon of tingly. I thought it was a good deal.

But yeah, since then dentists look at me like I'm crazy when I say I'll try without. I've found that it sometimes can go faster when you're numb cause they can just bear down and DRILLDRILLDRILL, whereas otherwise they'd be gentler on you. Totally get your "interesting to see your own reaction to pain" -- last time I waited awhile before the novocain (they said it was a shallow cavity but it turned out not to be), it was weird, I felt okay BUT my back muscles were shuddering so I guess it hurt more than it felt like it hurt? Does that even make sense?

Getting over needle fear is handy, though! I'm cool with needles and it has made certain things easier for me than they would be otherwise.
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